Guavaberry Wine

The rarest of wines.

We are the only winery on the planet that makes guavaberry wine. You literally cannot go anywhere on Earth and buy a bottle of this stuff. So if you are looking for rare, unique and delicious, we have you covered.

The guavaberry is a mythical fruit. It only grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas.

It grows wild in St. Thomas and St. John and a few other islands. We have an orchard of approximately 75 fruit-bearing trees (we have another 150 trees in various stages of growth). They are all wild trees and we have only just started propagating them commercially.

Little is known about the tree – almost no scientific research or study has been made of the tree. Information is limited and based largely on tradition.

It is insanely difficult to harvest. You literally have to hand pick the fruit – berry-by-berry.

After the berries have been picked the crushing and fermentation process is similar to grapes. The fruit is crushed and the seeds and stems are removed.

The gorgeous juice is then fermented in tanks.

One of the more mysterious pieces to the guavaberry is when or if it will produce fruit. Traditionally, the berries begin to ripen between October and November and sometimes into December. But a recent crop (2022-2023) was ready for harvest until mid-January.

Some years the trees don’t produce any fruit. Or, some trees will produce prodigiously and other are barren. A beautiful mix of mystery, wonder and intense frustration.

Anyhow, once the fruit spends a few month fermenting it is placed in barrels to age. After a year, the wine is ready for bottling and winery tasting rooms.